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I wanted to start this blog by sharing the introductory words of my 2011 presentation topic.  The People Factor in ITSM.

This is a very important issue and many times I have been addressed to give my opinion on this matter.

Please read below and check on the presentation link at the end.  I will definitely welcome your comments.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will stay long with me at ITSM ABC Blog which I will regularly update with information about the ITSM Market, itSMF, ITIL (R), professional certification and more.

The People Factor in ITSM – Short presentation summary

For many years we have been doing our bes un adopting best practices, standards, frameworks, with the expectations of realizing our Business goals, reducing costs, making the customer (internal and external) happier, managing our services with excellence and in a standardized way with written processes that we would all follow, etc etc etc. In a word doing our best to deliver VALUE through ITSM.

Unfortunately the results in many cases have not been as planned. Many are the reasons but one is on top all the time we interview organizations:  The People Factor.

People run services, people follow processes (or not), people communicate, interact, inform. People also have their own perceptions and resistances.

Therefore the solution for better adoption of ITSM comes from realizing the importance of people, the attitude, behaviour, resistance and cultural aspects. By paying attention to this factors and addressing them with the right dose of training, coaching, certification, motivation, empowerment will definitely lead to better results and a good working experience.

Check the presentation here: http://slidesha.re/luApCc


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Hello world!

Now that I understand blogs better (maybe a bit too late but …) I have decided to make a clean cut between my likes and my professional activities.  So cooking and travelling will not mix with ITIL and standards and the rest of the things boiling out there.

Yet life is not just that simple, so from time to time you may find a link back between Travel and ITIL (I hope you see this soon coming, I am preparing something …).

But for the most part, I will include in this blog news related to ITIL, ISO 20000, Standards and news on what is going on, the events I speak at or visit, all my itSMF activities.  I will integrate my tweets and presentations so everything stays in one place and serves the purpose of informing and keeping us in contact as an extension of a physical meeting or a continuation of a conference.

If you are still interested in traveling and some interesting info (like my notes on the TED videos I watch and like), then drop by my adebendet407.wordpress.com blog, the tweets or the LinkedIn groups.

… and please do not forget to comment, dialogue is much better than monologue.

Alejandro Debenedet

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