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So it is not just that summer has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere and we all want to RE-FRESH !

Everything is getting set so the updated ITIL will see the light in PRINT first in the coming days. Books, glossaries (I have just finished to review the Spanish LatinAmerican version with Luis Anderson as project owner, Tere Lucio and Mauricio Corona), ATO’s trainings, exams. All just in time.

So new, that even the way to announce it is different than the last time: No fireworks, no worldwide roadshow, no Kings or Queens, not even a VERSION NUMBER anymore. Wow really?! Yeap, we go back to ITIL. Applause. I am happy about this decision. Only a “2011 Edition” flash in the covers in the book and probably some other distinction in the online format. That’s all. Unpretentious, as it should be. Humbly ITIL.

And changes are making sense, so let’s hope they are as solid as we expect them to be. Some changes takes us back in time to when ITIL had no version (upps just like in the future update, so we are living kind of inside of “Back to the Future” reality 🙂 ) such as Financial management, like using best practice again, like diagrams that are simple to follow, meaningful and are appropriate for IT and not intended to decipher the origins of the Universe (yes, I am talking of “that” diagram 🙂 ).

The only thing that I think there must be a good reason behind which I do not know which is is that IN THIS REVIEW THERE ARE NO CAPITAL LETTERS FOR THE NAMES OF PROCESSES. In my opinion it makes it more difficult to follow, especially in other languages where the acronyms do not fit into the translated terms. For what I’ve heard from my friend Feras and the itSMF Gulf Chair, for him it makes a lot of sense because Arab has no capital letters. hahaha (no capitals here either).

So let’s see the changes as highlighted some time ago by the best management communication:

Service Strategy: Get hands on into the NEW process of Strategy Management.  Get a flavor of our old and good ITIL V2 with the improved Financial Management that will include some ideas of the past primarily in accounting, budgeting and charging (all of it, of course).  And Business Relationship Management becomes a process in itself, not just a role anymore (why do I keep using CAPITAL Letters, I am not aligned …)
And it is said that ideas about Cloud computing are included in SS and are sketched also throughout the other books.  Well, we have to read it to see up to what extend, but it is nice to see this will be covered.

Service Design: has the new design coordination process (no capitals this time, yeah I am finally learning which focuses in clarifying the flow and management of service design.  Some errors have been corrected and interfaces expanded like with all the book and there is an update of the 5 aspects of service design.

Service Transition: the evaluation process has been renamed “change evaluation” (I need to use something instead of capitals so I go with the inverted commas).  There is some additional content relating to asset management and the structure, content and relationships of the  configuration management system (CMS) and service knowledge management system (SKMS) have been clarified.

Service Operation: not much change but an overall lift in look and feel plus some minor points.

Continual Service Improvement: It includes now a CSI Registry which is a simple but powerful idea since it is where all improvement ideas end up and will be looked after for future reference.  AND this is my favorite change: not only because it makes sense, but also because I like CSI very much and to have Deming, 7 steps and DIKW all in the same figure is just OUTSTANDING!! Perfect. I will create a blog only in this one. So simple that it is amazing that we just get it together in this version of ITIL ( sorry, this NO Version of ITIL or jus ITIL 🙂 ).  So the 7 steps are now 7 steps and not 8 too.

Regarding the exams there will be a new version of the exams and syllabus that will coexist until the end of the year so the ATOs have time to update their material.  MALC is not there yet but will come soon after with a re-structured exam.

And since we have no bridges anymore, if you still have not got to ITIL Expert but you have your Service Manager certificate, then you should now take the Foundation, the SS or CSI and MALC pass them all and you will become a happy ITIL Expert.  More effort, more knowledge, more expertise?  We will have to wait to see.

I will end up here, we may get more info in the coming days.  Let’s hope the best from this hard work from experts, community, itSMF volunteers, ATOs, EIs, etc. I will post a summary of a recent presentation in slideshare with the summary of this info.  As usual, please let me know your thoughts and if there is something that is not accurate please tell me so I can change it. CSI rules my world! AED



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