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Yes, another ITSM event review.  With almost 20 trips in the first six months of 2011, I could have written more right?  🙂

But I just like to highlight the top events I have the privilege to participate.  And in this case it is an honor to review this event since it happened in a Spanish speaking country which I have in my heart since I first visited it when I was only 3: Mexico.  This event shows when there is commitment, knowledge, expertise and great people behind, excellent things happen.

This has been the 7th Pink Elephant’s conference in this part of the world.  Of course we all know “the Pink Conference” in Las Vegas in February. But this one, in Mexico City is as good (although smaller of course).  David, George and the whole Pink team was there.  And the local IT community was there in big numbers too.  A full conference program with international speakers but also with a full coverage related to the local market.  Expo too?  Yes, a well supported expo with plenty of sponsors and booths.  There was even room for the renewed itSMF Mexico with thanks to the support of the Pink organization was able to answer the questions of more than 50 new possible members of the local Forum.

Food, Mexican Food (oh si señor !!!), mexican friendship and plenty of networking.  Great for business and extended friendships.  I am looking forward for next year’s conference.  I am sure Claudia, Ceci and their team will make another excellent event in 2012.

Oh, yes, I forgot.  I also was able to present my Human Factor presentation with a nice audience that was very active in asking questions. Thanks for coming by and supporting the presentation.  It was a similar version to the one I presented in the AEPDP event the week before in Spain, but with Mexican examples (thanks to a long walk into city center that I did to get rid of the jet lag).  You can find it at slideshare as with the rest of my ppts.  You can download it too (Spanish).

PS: I was happy to meet face to face with one of my twitter followers @omarsanchezc .  A pleasure. Great feeling. Thanks for RT 🙂 #FF





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It is with great pleasure that I can share with you some recent achievements from itSMF in The Netherlands.  They have a new website at itsmf.nl and a new online magazine.

The significance of the website is not just that it is new but that it has been created with the worldwide community in mind. This is because the whole structure was thought to be simply modify and accommodate the languages of other itSMF’s.  This was made possible as a joint venture between itSMF International and itSMF Netherlands. With mutual understanding and based on the rebuilding of their website we are expanding the cooperation of the truly international community that sits in the foundation of itSMF.

Regarding the magazine, it is actually a news content publication and you can preview the first issue from May 2011 in Dutch after entering your details at their landing page (click here).

Thumbs up.  Well done itSMF Netherlands.


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