Hello world!

Now that I understand blogs better (maybe a bit too late but …) I have decided to make a clean cut between my likes and my professional activities.  So cooking and travelling will not mix with ITIL and standards and the rest of the things boiling out there.

Yet life is not just that simple, so from time to time you may find a link back between Travel and ITIL (I hope you see this soon coming, I am preparing something …).

But for the most part, I will include in this blog news related to ITIL, ISO 20000, Standards and news on what is going on, the events I speak at or visit, all my itSMF activities.  I will integrate my tweets and presentations so everything stays in one place and serves the purpose of informing and keeping us in contact as an extension of a physical meeting or a continuation of a conference.

If you are still interested in traveling and some interesting info (like my notes on the TED videos I watch and like), then drop by my adebendet407.wordpress.com blog, the tweets or the LinkedIn groups.

… and please do not forget to comment, dialogue is much better than monologue.

Alejandro Debenedet