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HI, I was tempted to publish this blog again. I posted it in my other blog page adebenedet407 which I will keep but for my other passions outside of ITSM, so I thought it was good to bring it here.  Also because I found out that my presentation about Myths and Realities, although a 2009-2010 one, has more than 850 views at slideshare.  So I hope you enjoy it and comment on it.

There are plenty of opinions on the real value of a certificate.  Many in favor, others against.  Some think that is another business opportunity for organizations (independent like ITIL examination institutes and not that independent like CISCO, Microsoft, etc) while professionals regard it as a tool to pimp their CVs and get more chances at a job interview (the famous “door opener”).  There are hundreds of practitioners with plenty of experience that say that the real value is real life experience and not a piece of paper that you get after answering some questions (sounds like a “marriage” procedure right?).

We could go on in this respect.  In an analysis of a LinkedIn discussion some time ago started by Sandeep Patwardhan under the question Which one is Better, certification or experience?, the opinions showed that:

Experience 31%
Both 22%
Certificate first then experience 15%
It depends 14%
Experience first then certificate/s 13%
Certification only 5%

To data, we must apply some analysis to produce information.  Then to the previous table we can suggest the following results:

Experience is the single most valued item when this comparison is done.  And this is fine, since without experience, we cannot perform any kind of quality job.  With only theory there are so many things that can go wrong, misunderstandings, unforeseen events, etc, that is not possible that every aspect of the “what if’s” can be written in books or presented in a training or check in an exam towards certification.  Therefore experience is a must.

The problem with experience alone is that it can be “adulterated” by many external and human behaviours that even though it makes the experience unique, it can also make it useless in a different environment.

So the second reading of the results is more illuminating:  If we sum up the results where experience and certificates are both mentioned, independently of which comes first, then we have that the opinion of the majority is that we need to have both (50% of the opinions and with the ones in the middle (it depends opinion) we get to 64%).

This is to say:  we need to have certificates and we need to acquire experience.  One way or the other it is best for organizations that search for professionals, and professionals to be found.

The final question is what it goes first:  For the majority it will be certificates, for the more fortunate experience.  Certificates are documents attesting to the truth of certain stated facts as some definition says. This is why 20% of the comments mentioned that certificates are good as “door openers” or a “foot on the door” so you get the chance to be interviewed and show your experience (or willingness to gain it).

This is a fascinating subject that does not end with a simple blog.  Let’s please discuss it in more detail.  AD.


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